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Things to know
Where does the book begin?

Genesis begins with the story of creation*. The book begins in a garden.

Where does the book end?

The book of Genesis ends with the death of Jacob’s favourite son, Joseph. The book ends in Egypt.

People to know

Adam and Eve
Abraham’s family

Places to go

God created* all things, including men and women.
Genesis 1, 2

Our first parents did not obey God.
Genesis 3

God chose a man named Abraham.
Genesis 12

God made promises to Abraham.
Genesis 15

God protects Joseph.
Genesis 37

The Story of Genesis

The Bible begins in Genesis. We meet God. We meet the first people that God made. We meet a man named Abraham and his family too.

Genesis gives us answers to some very important questions. Where do we come from? Why are we here? What is the problem with the world? How can the problem be solved? The rest of the Bible gives a more complete answer to these questions. But the answers begin in Genesis.

Genesis begins with the story of how God made the world.

‘In the beginning, God created* the heavens and the earth…’ [1]

Genesis explains that God created* the world.  God made all things in the heavens and earth. He made the things that we can see and things we cannot see. Of all of the things that God made, one part of his creation* was special. He made people.  He made a man named Adam. He made a woman named Eve. He made a special garden where they could live. It was the perfect place for them. God wanted them to enjoy the world that he had made.

God wants his people to know him, to worship* him, and to obey him. [2] But the first man and woman did not obey God. They chose to go a different way than God’s way. They thought that their way was better. But the way they chose was not a good way. Because they did not obey God, God spoke a curse* upon them. He told them that their lives would be painful. He told them that they would die.

God also showed grace* to Adam and Eve. God promised to rescue people from the bad way that they had chosen. He promised to send someone who would destroy the snake that had lied to them. [3] God gave them hope*.

Because the first man and woman did not obey God, God made them leave the garden. Their lives became difficult and sad. As Adam’s family grew, so did the problems. Their first child killed his own brother. Soon, many people were doing evil* things that did not please God.

So God chose to destroy the first people with a flood. [4]  But he also chose to rescue one man and his family from this flood. Everyone but Noah and his family died. After that flood, Noah’s family grew and grew. But even they did not follow God’s way. They tried to build a city with a building so tall that it could reach God’s home. But God judged them for this. He made it so that people could not understand each other. Soon, the people left the city and went about the entire world to find a home. [5]

Many years later, God came to a man named Abraham. God made Abraham a promise. The promise God made to Abraham is one of the most important promises in the Bible.

I will make you into a great nation and I will bless* you; I will make your name great, and you will be a blessing. I will bless* those who bless* you, and whoever curses you I will curse*; and all peoples on earth will be blessed* through you.’  [6]

The promise was to Abraham and his family line. Abraham had a son named Isaac. Isaac had a son named Jacob. Jacob had a son named Judah. Jacob made a promise to his son Judah before he died. [7]. Jacob said that a strong king would come from the house of Judah. This king would be God’s ruler. He would rule over the entire world.

Abraham’s family did not always obey God. But God kept his promises to Abraham. God watched over them. God cared for them. And God kept them safe. God did not forget them. And he did not forget the promise he made.

Abraham’s family had to wait for God to keep his promise. But God would keep his word. The rest of the Old Testament* shows us how.

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The Old Testament | The Books of Moses