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We want to encourage people to read the Bible, so we write things to help people understand what they read. Because so many people in the world understand English, we write in English. But because not everyone who knows English is a native speaker, we write in Simple English. Our hope is that every thing that we write will be clear and helpful.


When you visit a new place, it helps to have someone show you the way. That is also true when you read the Bible. This Travel Guide will help you find your way as you read through the Bible.


For many years, God’s people have used Questions and Answers to teach the truths that are most important to them. This part of the site offers these important truths to a new generation of people who follow Jesus.


Knowing the words used in the Bible is important. Here are three lists – Words, People, and Places. These lists will help you to read and understand the Bible.



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We have already translated SIMPLE TRUTHS into 30 languages for you to download and read. Look and see if we have yours. If we do not, let us know. We hope to keep adding many new languages many times a year.