The Storm


One day, Jesus and his disciples got into a boat. They were going to the other side of the lake. While they were going across, Jesus went to the back of the boat. He lay down and fell asleep.

Not long after that, a huge storm came. There was a lot of wind and waves. The waves came over the side of the boat. The water began to fill the boat. And the boat started to sink.

His disciples went back to where Jesus was sleeping. They said, ‘Master, wake up! Save us! We are going to drown!’

Jesus stood up. Then he spoke to the wind and the waves. ‘Be quiet,’ he said. And, immediately, the wind and the waves became calm. Then Jesus looked at his disciples and said, ‘Why were you afraid? Do you not have even a little faith?’

And his disciples looked at each other. They were surprised and in wonder. And they said, ‘What kind of man is this? Even the wind and the waves obey him.’