Rise Up


One day, Peter and John went to the Temple to pray. They were two of the first disciples that Jesus had chosen. Now, there was a man sitting by the Temple. He was not able to walk, so he would ask the people who came by for money.

As Peter and John came near him, this man asked them for money. Peter said to him, “I do not have any money. But I will give you what I have.” Then he said, “In the name of Jesus, stand up and walk.”

Then Peter reached out his hand. He took hold of the man and helped him get up. And, immediately, the man’s ankles and feet became strong so that he could stand. He began walking. And he began jumping. And he began praising God.

So the three of them went into the Temple. And the people there saw the man who had not been able to walk. He was now walking and praising God. So they all rushed toward them. And the man was holding on to Peter and John.

Now Peter saw that he had an opportunity to speak to the whole crowd. So he said, “Why are you looking at us like we healed this man? God is the one who healed him because of faith in Jesus. This is the same Jesus that you turned away from and had put to death. But God brought him back to life. And we are witnesses of this. But you did not know what you were doing. So now turn away from your sins. Turn to God so your sins will be taken away.”

Peter and John kept talking to the people about Jesus. As they were talking, the leaders of the Temple came to them. When they heard what they were saying, they arrested Peter and John. They put them in prison for the night. The next day, they asked them many questions. After they warned them to stop talking about Jesus, they let them go.

But many people had heard what Peter and John had said. And many of them put their trust in Jesus. So now, more than 5000 people were a part of the church.