At the same time, there was a holy day in Jerusalem. Many Jews had come to the city. They had come from all over the world.

All at once, a sound like a strong wind blew through the house. And something that looked like small flames of fire spread out over each of the disciples. Immediately, they were all filled with God’s Spirit. And they began to speak in other languages. Because of the noise, a large crowd gathered about them.

Now the people who gathered about them were from all over the world. They did not all speak the same language. But they all could understand what the disciples were saying. And they were surprised. So they asked, “How can we be hearing them in our own languages?’

But some of the other people made fun of them. They said, “These people are drunk.”

But Peter said, “Listen everyone. We are not drunk. It is too early in the morning. What is happening is what God promised a long time ago. Back then, God said that he would pour out his Spirit on all people.” And then Peter told them the good news about Jesus. He told them that Jesus was the Promised Saviour. He said, “Jesus proved this by doing all kinds of miracles. And, when the leaders killed him with your help, God raised him back to life again. This was just what God had planned. We know this because we have seen him alive with our own eyes. All of this proves that Jesus is the Promised Saviour. And now Jesus sits at God’s right side. And God has now given us his Spirit just as he promised. That is what you are seeing and hearing now.”

When everyone heard this, they were deeply troubled. So they asked Peter, “What should we do?”

Peter said, “Turn away from your sins and turn to God. Be baptized in the name of Jesus. You will be forgiven for your sins. And you will receive God’s Spirit.”

That day, 3,000 people believed in Jesus.

Then each of them was baptized. And they joined those people who were following Jesus. They began to call this group the church. They met together each day. They listened to the first disciples teach them. They praised God and prayed together. They ate together and they shared what they had with each other.

For a time, everyone thought well of them. And, each day, new people believed in Jesus. And God added them to the church.