When he was an old man, King David died. Through the years that followed, God kept speaking to his people through the prophets.

One of those prophets was named Isaiah.

Just like the other prophets, Isaiah spoke for God. He told the people not to forget God. He warned them that God would punish them if they turned away from him. But Isaiah also gave the people a message of hope.

He told them about a special person. That person would come some time in the future. He called this person the ‘servant of God’. A young virgin would be his mother. People would call him, Immanuel. Immanuel means ‘God is with us’.

The Spirit of God would be with him. He would rule the kingdom of his ancestor David. And that kingdom would never come to an end.

But ~ Isaiah said ~ not everyone would welcome this servant. Many people would hate him. They would beat him. And he would do nothing to stop them.

He would always do what is right. But people would kill him. And God would not stop them. God would let this servant die in the place of guilty people. God’s servant would suffer so that guilty people could be made right with God.

He would save his people from their sins.

For a long time after Isaiah spoke, the people had many troubles. A strong enemy came to fight them. Their army took the people away from their land. They took them to places that were far away from home. But the people did not forget the words of the prophets.

And so, they waited for the saviour God had promised.