God did keep his promise to Abraham. And Abraham’s family grew very large. They became a great nation. They were known as the children of Abraham ~ the Jews.

Many years passed. And God began to speak to his people through men known as prophets. One of those prophets was named Samuel.

One day, God spoke to Samuel and said, ‘Go to the town of Bethlehem. There you will find a man named Jesse. I have chosen one of his sons to be the next king.’

So Samuel went to Bethlehem. He found Jesse there. And Jesse brought in his sons. When Samuel saw the oldest son, he thought, ‘This must be the one that God has chosen!’

But God said, ‘Do not be impressed by his height or his good looks. People look at the outside, but I look at the heart. I have not chosen him.’

Jesse had brought in seven of his sons. But God did not choose any of them. So Samuel asked Jesse, ‘Do you have any more sons?’

And Jesse said, ‘Yes, my youngest, David. He is out in the fields taking care of the sheep.’ And so they sent for him.

When David came in, God told Samuel, ‘This is the one I am choosing.’ So Samuel went to David and poured oil on him. He did this to show that David was God’s choice. And from that day on, God’s Spirit was with David. God even called him ‘a man after my own heart’.

After God made David king, God sent a different prophet with a message for him. And God said, ‘I chose you when you were out in the fields watching the sheep. I have been with you. I have protected you from your enemies. And I will make your name great.’ He also promised, ‘I will make sure that one of your sons will always be king. Your kingdom will last for ever.’

When David heard this, he praised God. He said, ‘God, your words are true. Make this all happen so that the whole world will know that you are God.’