Questions 1 & 2


Who made you?


God made me.



What else did God make?


God made all things.

God made all things. He tells us this in the first words of the Bible*. He made the things that we can see. He made mountains and trees. He made animals and birds. He made the clouds and the stars. And God made the things that we cannot see. He made the air that we breathe. He made the angels.* He made all of these things. He made all things and he owns all things. The Bible tells us that God is Lord.* There is no one greater than God. There is no one that has more power than God.


God made all things, but no one made God. He is not a part of creation.* He is the Creator.* He is the Maker of heaven* and earth. He does not need the things he made so he can live. He made all things because it pleased him to do so. But he does not need anything.


The last thing that God made was a man and a woman. He made a man named Adam.* He made a woman named Eve.* He made them in a different way than he made all other things. He made man from the dust of the ground. He made woman from a bone from the side of the man. He also made them to be different from anything else that he made. The scripture* says that he made them ‘in his own image’. Adam and Eve were the special creation of God. They were like God in a way that no other thing that God made, was like him.


When God made all things, he made some things that could grow and make new things just like themselves. He made plants to grow fruit and make seeds. Those seeds could then make new plants to grow. God made the man and the woman like this too. The man and the woman could come together and make children. They could make sons and daughters. The Bible says that every son and daughter they made was just like them. Their children and their children’s children were all made ‘in the image of God’.


So, we are made in the image of God too. God made us in a different way than he made our first parents. But he made us just as much as he made them. He makes every person that is born. He makes them all ‘in the image of God’.


One of the Psalms tells us that God watches over everyone that is born. Before we are born, God puts us together. He was there with us when we were inside our mother’s body.


‘You created* the deepest parts of my being.


You put me together inside my mother’s body.


How you made me is amazing and wonderful.


I praise* you for that.


What you have done is wonderful.


I know that very well.


None of my bones was hidden from you


when you made me inside my mother’s body.


That place was as dark as the deepest parts of the earth.


When you were putting me together there,


your eyes saw my body even before it was formed.’[1]


God made Adam and Eve. God made you. God made everyone else too. And he makes all people in his own image.

[1] Psalm 139:13-16