Question 85 & 86


How is Jesus Christ a King?


He rules over us and He defends us.


Psalm 2:6-9Ephesians 1:19-23Revelation 15:3-4



Why do we need Christ as a King?


Because we are weak and afraid.

When the Bible* spoke of the Messiah*, it said that the Messiah would be many things to God’s people. The Messiah would speak for God as a prophet.* The Messiah would also serve as a priest.* He would represent men before God. And by the sacrifice* he made, he would take away the sin* of his people once and for all.


There was also a third role that the Messiah would fill. He would be born a King[1].


Long ago, God had made a promise to David.* He said, ‘Your house and your kingdom* will last forever.’ So, the Jews* waited for this king who they began to call the Messiah. They gave him the name, the ‘Son of David.’ The angel* Gabriel* told Mary* that her son Jesus would be the one whom God would send to be that King. ‘He will be great and will be called the son of the Most High. The Lord* will give him the throne* of his father David.’[2]


Gabriel said that Jesus would come from the family of David. As the son of David, Jesus would rule the people as David did. The people knew that as long as David was king all would be well. David was good. His decisions were fair and right for all his people.[3] And David was strong. No enemy could defeat them as long as David was king.


The Jews thought that the Messiah would be a king like the ones they had had before. He would lead an army and defeat their enemies. But Jesus did not come this way. He came to defeat something stronger than their enemies. He came to put away sin and death.[4]


Jesus is not just the King of the Jews. He is not only King of the nations. Jesus is King over all that he has made. Even the winds and the waves obey him.[5] Jesus also rules as King in the hearts* of his people. He opens their hearts. Jesus rules in such a way so that sin cannot rule over them any longer.[6] His grace* rules in their hearts. And because they love Jesus, they keep his commands.


After Jesus rose from the dead, he went back to be with the father in heaven.* The Book of Revelation* says that, now, Jesus stands at the throne of God. As King, Jesus has control of all things. Jesus’ Kingdom will never end.[7] And as King, Jesus will be the judge of all people.[8] He has all authority in heaven and on earth. It is by this authority that he is able to give eternal* life to those the Father has given him.


Jesus is the King of kings and the Lord of lords.[9] This name shows that he is more powerful than any king who has ever lived or who will ever come. There is no power, no king, and no lord who could ever oppose him and win.


In the last days, Jesus will prove to be the one who crush Satan*, the Evil One.* Jesus won over Satan at the cross* and when he came back from death. When he died and rose from death, he took away the power of death. He made it impossible for the Evil One to win.[10]


Today, Jesus is King. Those of us who follow Jesus do not need to fear. He is good. All he does is right and just. He is strong. Nothing can separate us from his love. He will protect what we have put into his care.[11]


But Jesus will show that he is King most clearly when he returns. All people will see him in his glory*.[12] He will bring all of his people up from the grave. He will make everything new that was broken. He will make a new heaven and a new earth. From this new place, he will sit on his throne as King.[13]

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