Question 77


What does it mean to believe or to have faith* in Christ?


To have faith* in Christ is to believe in Jesus. We trust* only in him to save* us.

How does a sinner* come to meet the Savior*? They believe in the one who raised Jesus our Lord* from the dead[1]. God rescues those who believe.


The Bible* says this in many ways. Peter* and Paul* say that we are made right with God through faith[2]. We are put right with God when we believe in the Lord Jesus Christ[3]. The Psalms* tell us that God saves those who put their trust in him[4]. All of these words – faith, trust, and believe, are different ways of saying the same thing. And each word helps us to understand the other words.


Luke* tells us a story that will help us understand this. Jesus was eating at a man’s home. A woman came into the house as they were eating. She had not been invited to the meal. But she came over to Jesus. She began to cry, and her tears fell on Jesus’s feet. The woman wiped the tears from his feet with her hair. Then she put valuable oil on his feet. She did all of this to show her love for Jesus. But the other people at the meal were not happy. They knew that this woman had done many bad things. But Jesus did not speak badly about her. Instead, he turned to her and said, ‘Your sins* are forgiven.* Go in peace.* Your faith has saved you.’[5]


The woman had come to know who Jesus was. She trusted that he was kind. She had come to believe that he would welcome her if she went to him. So, that is what she did. She honored* him. She trusted that he would show her mercy.* And she acted in a way that showed her faith.

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