Well done! You have finished the book.  If you have used this book as a map for reading your Bible, perhaps you have read through the entire Bible as well.  For most people, it takes as many as 80 hours to read through all of it.  So, if you read through it all, you have done a very good and very important thing.  Now what? What should you do next?

Here are a few ideas..

1. Start again

Yes, the first thing you should do when you finish reading the Bible is begin again.  You may want to start from the beginning at Genesis.  Or, maybe you will start with the Psalms* this time – or the gospels*.  Perhaps you could begin with the letters of Paul – or the stories in Joshua and Judges.  In some ways, it does not matter where you read.

Just keep reading the Bible.

2. Listen to other people read and teach the Bible

Find other people who want to know God and understand his ways.  Find a church* where the Bible is important.  Meet with people who love God and love the Bible.  Read the scriptures* together with other people.  And ask God to help you know how to do what it says.

3. Work hard to remember the words of the Bible

Remember them so well that you can say the words from memory.  That way, the words from God can be with you all of the time.  King David said that he hid the word in his heart.  That means that he could remember it and take it with him where ever he went.  Find some small parts of the Bible that help you and work to remember them word for word.

4. Use the words of the Bible when you pray

Prayer is talking to God.  But, sometimes, it is hard to know what to say when we pray.  So, why not learn to pray like the people in the Bible prayed? The words of many of the Psalms are prayers.  And there are many other prayers in the Bible as well.  Praying to God with the words from scripture* will not only help you learn how to pray, but it will also help you have a deeper love for the Bible.

Why is the Bible so important?

There are many answers to that question.  Maybe the most important is this.  We meet God in the words of the Bible.  We hear what God says to us.  We understand the way he wants us to live.  We hear and remember the promises that he made to us.  When we know God’s words and remember his promises, this helps us in many ways.

That is why you should make reading the Bible a habit.  If you can, you should read it every day.  You should remember the words from the Bible so that you can say them without looking at the words on the page.  The Bible can make you wise, keep you from sin*, make you strong in times of trouble, help you resist the evil* one, guide your steps, bring you joy and give you hope*.  The Bible is filled with good things for the person who reads it.  So – what are you waiting for? Read on!