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A Follower of Jesus

When Jesus lived on earth, he had many people who followed him. They were his disciples or students. When we say that these people followed Jesus, we mean two things. First, they followed Jesus. They went with Jesus. When he went from one place to another, they went with him. When Jesus walked from one city to another, they walked with him.

Second, we also mean that they followed the ways that Jesus taught. They listened to what he said. They obeyed what he told them to do. They tried to follow his example and do as he did. Soon, people would know that these people followed Jesus. They saw them together with Jesus. But they also saw that these people began to think like Jesus. They would repeat what Jesus said. They did what he had told them to do. They began to act like Jesus.

Today, Jesus is not living on earth in a body. We can not follow Jesus in the same way these first people did. But we can follow Jesus. We can know what he said. We can know how he lived.

We can know this about Jesus because we have the Bible. In the Bible, we can read his words. We can see how he lived. We can see how he cared for people. We can know what he said about how to live in a way that pleases God. We can know what he did. And we can act the way he did. We can do the kinds of things he taught us to do.

We can also know and follow Jesus because we have the help of the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus left to go back to heaven, he made a promise. He promised to send the Holy Spirit to help the men and women who followed him. The Holy Spirit would be with them always. He would help them understand what Jesus taught. He would comfort them in times of trouble. And he would help them become more and more like Jesus. He would help them do what Jesus did. He would help them become more like Jesus. He would help them think as Jesus thought. He would help them see people the way Jesus saw them.

One more thing. When Jesus first said, “follow me,” many people did follow him. So, when he said, “follow me” he was asking people to join him.  And he was also saying, “Come and go with us.”

When people said yes and followed Jesus, they were joining other people who followed Jesus too. They all traveled together. They talked about what Jesus said. And they learned how to follow Jesus together.

This is still the best way to follow Jesus. Find a group of people who also want to follow him. A group like that is called a church. Join with them. They will be able to help you—and you will be able to help them too.


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